How To Find New Books at Williams Library

Did you know that you can quickly and easily find out what books are added to the Williams Library print collection? Here’s how!

Starting from the Williams Health Sciences Library homepage, click on the link library catalog link in the Journals & Books Section.

Have you ever noticed that there are three tabs on the first page of the library catalog? They are Basic Search, Advanced Search, and New Titles.

New titles? Yes! Click on that tab and you’ll see a series of drop-down menus. You can use those menus to filter to the books you want to see.

Screen shot of the library catalog home page

For example, here’s an image showing the books I found when I chose to filter to Highland Hospital (location), Nursing (subject), and 6 months (date). I also chose to sort by Date instead of title.

screen shot of new nursing titles

New nursing books in the Williams Library print collection

Did you notice the “Availability” field?

You can tell when a new book you might want to read has already been checked out by someone else. That’s when you need to request a hold. Never done that? Maybe that’ll be the next Tech Tip Thursday post.

In the mean time, you can always Ask A Librarian!

Posted by Lorraine Porcello


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