New Consumer Health Books

We’re increasing our consumer health collection at Williams Health Sciences Library and just received ten great new titles, so stop by and take a look.  Feel free to check out a book for yourself, or for patient education.

The Expert’s Guide to Weight-Loss Surgery, by Garth Davis, M.D.
(A must-read for anyone considering bariatric surgery.)

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, by The Boston Health Collective (The same creator of the essential women’s health book,
Our Bodies, Ourselves).

Your Pregnancy Week by Week, by Curtis and Schuler (Week by week discussion of changes in baby and you simply written by an OB-GYN.)

Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment, by Kenneth D. Miller, M.D. (Insights from surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, and women who’ve lived through breast cancer, it clarifies choices and shares patients’ stories.)

The Back Book , by Gokaslan and Riley. (Explores the parts of the back,  and causes of pain, with  therapy and surgical options for anyone dealing with back pain.)

Knowledge is power and the series of books, “100 Questions and Answers”, conveys a lot of information in a handy question and answer format. Written by experts in their field, this “empower yourself” series provides practical, authoritative answers to real patients’ questions.
Our collection includes:

100 Questions and Answers about Arthritis
100 Questions and Answers about
Breast Cancer
100 Questions and Answers about 
100 Questions and Answers about
Kidney Disease and Hypertension
100 Questions and Answers  about Leukemia


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