Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and the library wants you to celebrate with us. We are focused on reducing paper use in the library. It’s good for the environment and it reduces costs at Highland. We’re counting on you to help! Here are some suggestions:

Think Before You Print.

Is it related to work or study? Hospital policy is that printing and photocopying should be limited to work- and study- related activities. If you need an exception to this rule, please check with the library staff. And before you print, consider, do you really need to print it out, or could you send it to yourself in an email?

Review Drafts on the Computer.

You can get “screen” blind after looking at a document on the screen for a long time, but rather than printing out a lengthy document try changing the font size of the text on your screen. Temporarily making it larger gives your eyes a new view of the document and makes it easier to read. Or, if you are worried about changing your formatting, set the zoom to a higher percentage.

Print Pages, Passages, or Sections.

Why print out the entire document when you only need a section of it? You can specify pages by choosing the “Pages” option button and entering the range of pages you want to print. Or, in Microsoft Word you can print just the page on which your cursor is located by choosing “Edit/Print”, and choose “Current Page”. For Web pages highlight the section you want to print, choose “Print” and in the dialog box, choose the “Selection” button.

Print Double-sided.

Library printers default to double-sided printing. Please see library staff for assistance if you need a different setting.

Print Two Pages Per Sheet.

Microsoft Word gives you the option to print two reduced-size pages on one sheet of paper. More than two becomes too difficult to read. Re-use obsolete printouts.

Use Recycled Scrap Paper for Printing Draft Copies.

The recycled paper is located in the “scrap paper” bin near the library assistant’s desk. Simply open the bypass door on the left side of the copier, place the copies on the tray printed side up (to print on the blank side), and choose “bypass” under Paper Supply on the screen. You are also welcome to use the recycled scrap paper for note paper.




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